Karzai-Hagel Press Event Off Due to Security Fears: US

Karzai-Hagel Press Event Off Due to Security Fears: US

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Sunday cancelled a high-profile press conference in Kabul with new US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, with US officials saying the event was dropped for “security concerns”.

A palace official, who declined to be named, said however that the press conference had been cancelled because of “scheduling pressure”, without giving further details.

Karzai and Hagel’s appearance together in front of the cameras was to be a key part of the Pentagon chief’s first visit to Afghanistan since he was sworn in 11 days ago and as US-Afghan ties focus on the withdrawal of foreign troops.

The start of Hagel’s trip on Friday was overshadowed by a suicide bombing outside the defence ministry in Kabul.

Nine people were killed in the explosion which occurred while the defence secretary was in a briefing at a nearby US military base in the city.

Karzai also made a contentious speech on Sunday in which he said the US was in daily talks with the Taliban and that insurgent suicide attacks enabled the US-led international military force to justify its presence in Afghanistan.

The decision was “reached in consultation with our Afghan partners,” George Little added.

US officials travelling with Hagel said on condition of anonymity that the press conference had been “cancelled due to security concerns”.