Momentum for Benghazi Select Committee

Momentum for Benghazi Select Committee

There is only one certainty surrounding the terroristattack that occurred in Benghazi, Libya last September 11th: seven months later, the American people andthe families of the victims and wounded still do not know all the facts andspecifics that resulted in the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens andthree other American heroes. However, Iam cautiously optimistic that momentum is building this week in the quest for thetruth.

In separate letters to Members of the U.S. House ofRepresentatives, the groups Special Operations Speaks and Operational Security(OpSec), along with 700 retired military special operations personnel, urgedsupport for House Resolution 36 which is being sponsored by senior RepublicanCongressman Frank Wolf (R-VA). House Resolution 36, if passed, would create a select congressional committee to thoroughlyinvestigate the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and what the Obama Administrationdid and didn’t do.

Also joining in support of Rep. Wolf’s proposed selectcommittee is Ms. Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, the information management officer killed inthe attack. For months, she hasexpressed her frustration with the U.S. Government for not being moreforthright and responsive about what happened the day her son lost hislife in a terrorist attack.

Her brave letter of support are strong words from agrieving mother who loves her country and is looking for closure: 

Please, Please help me find out who isresponsible and fix it so no more of our sons & daughters are abandoned bythe country they love. It is very difficult to find out Leon Panetta advisedPres. Obama that the attack was occurring and Pres. Obama went to bed withoutsending help. It is too late for my son but not too late for those that follow.

In addition, I was happy to join with 23 other leaders of the conservative movement in signing aletter to Congressman Wolf endorsing the select committee. Those signing it included Lt. Gen. William G.Boykin (Ret.), Al Cardenas, Phyllis Schlafly, Brent Bozell, and many others.This letter illustrates that conservatives are a united in the quest fortruth and accountability concerning Benghazi.

Citizens United’s members and supporters have been proud to supportRep. Wolf’s HR 36 as he seeks to bring all investigations into thissensitive matter under the jurisdiction of one committee that can focussingularly on finding the truth the victims’ families and the American peopledeserve. Our supporters have sent over 4,000letters to Members of Congress, and their voices are being heard. As of Friday, there are 100 co-sponsors signedonto this resolution in the House.

In addition to the four deaths, it is shocking that thenumber of wounded is still unknown and that the survivors of the attack haven’t been made availablefor congressional testimony. Other questionspersist as well. Why was a military response notexecuted? Why weren’t officials at thehighest levels of the Obama Administration communicating? Why wasn’t President Obama engaged during theattack?

Sadly, it appears we’ll never know the answers to thesequestions until the U.S. House approves Rep. Wolf’s resolution. With 100 co-sponsors supporting theresolution, it’s time for the House Republican leadership to bring it to thefloor for a vote.


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