Egyptian Police Ignore Muslim Slaughter of Coptic Christians

Egyptian Police Ignore Muslim Slaughter of Coptic Christians

If there was any further proof needed that the Egyptian government has no interest in protecting Coptic Christians from assault from Muslims, and may be aiding and abetting such attacks, the evidence is in. A just-released video appears to show Egyptian police standing and watching while a murderous attack was launched April 7 on Coptic Christians at a Cathedral, as they mourned other Coptic Christians who were previously killed by Muslims. The first attack took place on April 4 in Khosous; four Copts were murdered and a nursery and church were burned.

Not only did the Muslim police stand and watch; one police officer apparently aided a Muslim gunman take aim at the mourners exiting the church. Two Copts died, and 84 were injured, including 11 Coptic Police officers. The video shows Muslims using guns, machetes, throwing stones, and possibly hurling Molotov cocktails at the mourners exiting St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in the Abbassia District of Cairo.

And just guess who were the ones arrested? Four Copts. You read that correctly.

Andrew Johnston, advocacy director for Christian Solidarity Worldwide, said:

Two Copts were killed during the attack on the Cathedral; four more died in Khosous, yet not one of their attackers has been arrested. These arrests come at a time when the Coptic community in Egypt is still coming to terms with an unprecedented attack on the headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the violence in Khosous. Such discrepancies in the discharge of justice contribute to impunity, and can only foster more sectarianism.

The Egyptian National Council for Human Rights lamely protested:

There is a general feeling among citizens about the absence of law and the prestige of the state. Such a feeling could push the citizens to the violence and sectarianism without fearing from any deterrence … The recent incident proved the shrinking of the role of the state to control the actions of the individuals especially those people who think that they talk on the behalf of God. There is a need for implementing the law strictly to treat such incidents.

Good luck. The Muslim Brotherhood runs Egypt now.


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