Spain Acquits Islam Critic of 'Hate Crime' Charges, May Deport

Spain Acquits Islam Critic of 'Hate Crime' Charges, May Deport

Imran Firasat, who has been in limbo in Spain for months with a growing list of charges over his vocal stance against what he considers the dangers of Islam, has been acquitted of “hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims.”

This specific charge revolved around Firasat’s YouTube film, The Innocent Prophet.

While the acquittal is great and welcome news for Firasat, he still faces the threat of deportation from Spain back to Pakistan. And throughout the proceedings he has made it clear than a return to Pakistan will almost certainly mean death for him–Shariah death.

Firasat converted from Islam to Christianity in 2004. He had been a Muslim for 26 years prior to that conversion but became convinced that Islam was “not a religion” but a “political dictatorship which persecutes and teaches to persecute.” He was granted asylum in Spain to help him escape threats to his life.

Firasat is being represented by the Legal Project of Dr. Daniel Pipe’s Middle East Forum. The focus going forward is to win in the deportation case just as they did against the hate crime accusations.


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