Swedish Police Find Man Dead, Partially Eaten by Dogs

Swedish Police Find Man Dead, Partially Eaten by Dogs

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, July 5 (UPI) — Dental records had to be used to identify the body of a man whose remains had been partially eaten by his dogs, Swedish police said Friday.

Police said the man had likely died two weeks ago inside his home southeast of Gothenburg, The Local.se reported.

A friend reported the man missing after finding the house locked with the dogs loose inside. Police said a horrible smell was emanating from the home when they arrived. They were forced to shoot the dogs to get inside.

The man was found dead on the kitchen floor. The dogs had eaten enough of the remains to make them unrecognizable, police said.

A coroner’s report said the man did not die as a result of homicide. Police have yet to determine the role the dogs played in the death.

The dogs were of a breed used to hunt bears, a police spokesman said. They were described as strong and large-boned, about 27 inches tall.