Egyptian State Media Reports Morsi Faces Murder Charges

Egyptian State Media Reports Morsi Faces Murder Charges

As hundreds of thousands of demonstrators protested throughout Egypt on July 26, state media reported that former president Mohammed Morsi is “under investigation for charges including murder.”

According to Reuters, thousands of protesters gathered in support of Egypt’s military while others gathered to support the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi, who the military removed from power on July 3. These demonstrations included shots fired and violence by both sides. 

The Muslim Brotherhood had a strong presence to counter the army, believing its time for “victory over the coup or martyrdom.” 

The complaint and subsequent investigation against Morsi centers “on accusations that that he conspired with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas to escape from jail during the 2011 uprising, killing some prisoners and officers, kidnapping soldiers and torching buildings.”

A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman referred to these charges as a “fantasy” that “army generals and a military dictatorship” dreamed up. 

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