Head American Coptic Christian: Muslim Brotherhood Election Was Fraudulent

Head American Coptic Christian: Muslim Brotherhood Election Was Fraudulent

Claiming that the election of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was fraudulent, the president of the U.S. Copts Association has criticized the American media for portraying the Muslim Brotherhood government as a democracy.

Speaking with Vatican Radio, Michael Meunier said, “Egypt is just beginning to get back on the path of peace and democracy. Under the Muslim Brotherhood rule, there was no peace or democracy for the majority of Egyptians.”

Meunier criticized many in the American media who portrayed Morsi’s government as one that was democratically elected. Rather, he said, the Muslim Brotherhood party won through violations in the election process, and the election did not reflect the majority of Egyptians.

“What’s happening now in Egypt is not a fight between two gladiators,” Meunier said. “It’s actually the Muslim Brotherhood deciding it’s either they rule Egypt or they burn Egypt.”

Attacks against Christian communities and individuals in Egypt escalated since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi by the military on July 3rd. The Christian minority has become a scapegoat for the Muslim Brotherhood, seeking retaliation for Morsi’s removal and for the killing of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protestors by the Egyptian military. Dozens of Christian churches have been torched, looted, or destroyed by Morsi supporters.

Middle East and terrorism expert Walid Phares also said that the violence against Christians serves as a symbol to Washington about the consequences of choosing sides in the Egyptian conflict.

“What’s happening to Christians in Egypt is the price that we have to pay, and everybody else has to pay, for a long-term freedom,” Meunier said. “I know everybody’s wondering and worrying about [whether] there will be any freedom under the military rule, but what we know, and what we experienced in the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt for over a year, is that there was no freedom.”