Simon Wiesenthal Center: 'West Let Iran Win the Round, and Perhaps the Match'

Simon Wiesenthal Center: 'West Let Iran Win the Round, and Perhaps the Match'

On Saturday night, Rabbi Marvin Hier and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the dean and associate dean, respectively, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust, condemned the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. “The sanctions had the Ayatollahs on the ropes and the US and West let them win the round and perhaps the match,” Hier and Cooper said.

“Tehran has not been forced to destroy a single centrifuge. What will be different six months from now other than the Iranian regime will replenish their coffers with billions of dollars?” they stated. “In the final analysis any deal is about the leaders who make them. Seventy-five years ago, western powers also believed they had a deal to make the world safer. What they failed to factor in was the nature of the leader they were dealing with.”

Rabbis Hier and Cooper continued, “Does anyone truly believe the Ayatollah will change his beliefs in the next 6 months? No one in Israel, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE does and neither does the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Six months from now, their ballistic missile projects will be that more deadly and their nearly 20,000 centrifuges–only a small fraction of which are needed for any purported medical purposes–will still be poised to power up to help create the Iranian nuclear bombs.”

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