World View: China Denounces Japan's Planned Military Expansion

World View: China Denounces Japan's Planned Military Expansion

This morning’s key headlines from

  • China denounces Japan’s planned military expansion
  • Another anti-polio worker shot in Pakistan
  • North Korea threatens South with ‘merciless attack’ via fax machine

China denounces Japan’s planned military expansion

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (BBC)
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (BBC)

China is denouncing Japan’s change in military strategy fromin defense and military spending, especially to create a newamphibious assault force, in response to China’s surging militarystrength and nationalistic aggression. ( “18-Dec-13 World View — Japan announces new military buildup to counter China”)

China’s first reaction, on Wednesday, was:

“It is hardly cheering news that a country whoseleaders still salute war criminals has formally launched itsmilitary reconstruction.”

This refers to the visits by Japanese politicians to make annualpersonal visits to the Yasukuni Shrine, which contains Japanese deadfrom WW II, including 14 convicted or accused Class A war criminals.

China’s Defense Ministry spokesman said, “China is firmly opposed toJapan’s relevant actions,” and said:

“On the one hand, Japan claimed that it is apeace-loving country, and that it adheres to a defensive defensepolicy and will not be a military power. On the other hand, Japanis peddling the so-called “proactive pacifism”.

In its new defense program guidelines, Japan gave up the policy ofbuilding of a moderate self-defense force. …

Japan also planned to purchase advanced armament like F-35 stealthfighters, surveillance drone fleet and Aegis destroyers and triedto form a fast-response-amphibious unit.

Where is Japan’s military and security policy going? … It causesgreat concerns from Japan’s Asian neighbors and internationalsociety.

On the one hand, Japan claimed that it respects freedom,democracy, human rights and the rule of law, but on the otherhand, it repeatedly denied its history of aggression during theSecond World War, challenged the post-war international order andhurt the feeling of the people of the war-victim countries, hesaid.

As a nation that can not reflect on its history, whatqualification does Japan have to speak about freedom, democracy,human rights and the rule of law? How can the country makecontributions to the world peace?

Japan has on the one hand claimed to strengthen internationalcoordination, safeguard peace and stability in the Asia-Pacificregion, and make efforts to ensure security and prosperity of theinternational community, but on the other hand it sticked [sic] tothe Cold War mentality and beefed up military alliance withrelevant countries.

Japan also tried to woo other countries to create regionalconfrontation and roil the regional situation, he said, notingthat Japan’s actions run counter to the trend of the timesfeaturing peaceful development and win-win cooperation.

We urged Japan to make deep introspection on its history, honorits commitment to peaceful development, and try to improve itsrelations with Asian neighbors with concrete actions, so as toplay a constructive role in safeguarding regional peace andstability.”

China Ministry of Defense and BBC

Another anti-polio worker shot in Pakistan

Ghalib Khan, a health technician working in Pakistan’s poliovaccination program was shot multiple times and killed by motorcyclegunmen on Saturday morning. The Taliban have been killing workers inthe polio vaccination sector, claiming that polio vaccinations are aWestern plot to prevent Muslims from having children. The result isthat polio is in endemic in Pakistan, as well as in Afghanistan andNigeria. Furthermore, Pakistan’s polio has been spreading, as strainsof Pakistan’s polio virus have been found in other countries,including Syria and China. According to the latest data, the greatestnumber of polio cases in Pakistan are in the northwest, in and nearthe tribal areas, where the Taliban have been most active in killinghealth workers. Pakistan Today

North Korea threatens South with ‘merciless attack’ via fax machine

South Koreans burn effigies of North Korean child dictator Kim Jong-un and his late father (AFP)
South Koreans burn effigies of North Korean child dictator Kim Jong-un and his late father (AFP)

The North Koreans have faxed a threat to the South Koreans, sayingthat they will conduct a “merciless strike” against the strike,spokesman said they faxed a response right back: “We’ve sent a replyvowing to react sternly to any provocations by North Korea.”

The North’s faxed threat was a response to rallies held by NorthKorean defectors protesting child dictator Kim Jong-un’s human rightsabuses, some burning effigies of Kim and his father. The North Koreanmilitary condemned that the rallies insulted North Korea’s “highestdignity,” referring to the child dictator.

There is still considerable concern among South Koreans about theaftermath of last week’s execution of Kim’s uncle, Jang Song-thaek.There have reportedly been dozens more executions, including Jang’srelatives and other senior officials who worked with former dictatorKim Jong-il. I get the impression from the reports that anyone overthe age of 35 has been executed, leaving the child dictator and hisyoung friends to run the country. That’s undoubtedly an exaggeration,but still, the possibilities for instability are large. Yonhap (Seoul) and AFP

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