Israel Project: Majority of Americans Support Sanctions on Iran

Israel Project: Majority of Americans Support Sanctions on Iran

On the heels of a poll showing that 59% of Americans support stronger sanctions against Iran, The Israel Project held a conference call in which Mark Mellman provided insights into the poll and its results.

Mellman began the call by indicating the poll showed “overwhelming support among the electorate to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms.” He said this support is present “even after voters have heard both sides of the argument.” 

This support also “cuts across party lines.” Republicans and Democrats alike harbor a strong distrust of Iran. Because of this, the support for current economic sanctions was through the roof, as “83 percent of Americans favor economic sanctions against Iran,” and only “14 percent of Americans” support reducing those sanctions.

Mellman said the poll showed that Americans have a predominantly poor view of Iran, with “only 12 percent of Americans” viewing Iran favorably. On the the other hand, “68 percent [of Americans] have a favorable view of Israel.”

Two thirds of those who participated in the poll, which was conducted January 21 through January 23, believe Iran would not live up to its end of the bargain in the newly signed nuclear agreement. 

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