Netanyahu: Iran the Only Winner from Nuclear Talks

Netanyahu: Iran the Only Winner from Nuclear Talks

At a joint press conference with Peruvian President Ollanta Humala Tasso on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decried the results of nuclear talks with Iran.

Netanyahu said:

So far the only one who benefited from these talks is Iran. In fact they didn’t give anything but they got a lot. Iran is continuing its aggressive behavior: arming terrorist groups, supporting the massacre of his own people by the Assad regime [in Syria], calling for the destruction of Israel and subversive activities all over the world, including Latin America.

He also said, “The nuclear talks had indeed already gone somewhere, allowing Iran to escape from sanctions. However, Iran still keeps its aggressive attitudes; it supports armed terrorist groups and the regime of the butcher Assad.”

Instead, Netanyahu argued, “[a policy should exist] that requires Iran to stop its aggression, to stop its nuclear military program, and to become a nation among the nations, not a rogue state that arms itself with nuclear weapons.”