McCain: Obama Most Naive President in My Lifetime

McCain: Obama Most Naive President in My Lifetime

On Sunday on CBS’s Face The Nation, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that recent events around the world show that President Barack Obama is the most naive president during his life in public service.

Host Bob Schieffer asked McCain to elaborate on his previous comments in which McCain said Russian President Vladimir Putin “played” Obama and that Obama was the most “naive president in history” because of his cluelessness on foreign policy. 

McCain cited what he said was the “Geneva farce” regarding negotiations with Syria, the Iranian nuclear deal that has just emboldened Iran, the failure of the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, what McCain said was the decline of America’s influence abroad, and the black flags of Al Qaeda flying over Fallujah. McCain also called Obama out for saying that Syria and Ukraine were not pieces on a Cold-War chessboard even after Putin said that he wants to restore the Russian empire.

“In the eyes of Putin it does,” McCain said, noting that the Russian President said that the “the worst thing that happened in the 20th Century was the fall of the Soviet Union” and wants to “push that reset button.” 

Speaking of another Obama administration debacle abroad, McCain also said he was “speechless” that former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice continues to say that it is “patently false” that she or anyone in the Obama administration misled anyone on Benghazi. McCain called Rice’s spin “a little embarrassing.”