Frank Gaffney's Weekly Column Comes to Breitbart

Frank Gaffney's Weekly Column Comes to Breitbart

After publishing some 1,300 weekly columns over the past twenty-five years at the Washington Times, former senior Reagan Defense Department official and national security advocate Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. begins today writing each week a column for the Breitbart News Network.

In what has been described as the longest-running weekly column in the history of the Times, Mr. Gaffney has written about the defense and foreign policy challenges of the past quarter century and those ahead–together with the opportunities presented by each.  His essays have forcefully promoted President Reagan’s practice of “peace through strength” in the course of addressing such topics as:

  • serious shortfalls in the nation’s investment in Pentagon programs, funding and capabilities and their ominous implications in an increasingly dangerous world;
  • regional security issues, including: the case for military action against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq; Iranian nuclear and other threats; China’s rising offensive capabilities; the end of the Soviet Union and Vladimir Putin’s efforts to reconstitute as much of it as possible; Hugo Chavez’s campaigns to radicalize and dominate Latin America; and the U.S.-Israeli relationship as a bulwark against our mutual foes;
  • the supremacist Islamic doctrine of shariah and the determination of adherents like the Muslim Brotherhood to use, where necessary, stealthy, subversive techniques and wherever possible violent jihad to achieve its triumph worldwide;
  • bilateral and multilateral treaties that endanger U.S. sovereignty, security and/or vital interests, such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, assorted strategic arms control agreements, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and the Law of the Sea Treaty;the need for robust and effective national anti-missile defenses;controversial nominations and appointments made by successive presidents to various national security-related posts; and the urgent need to protect the nation’s electric grid from man-induced or naturally occurring phenomena capable of disrupting or destroying it and, inevitably, the society that is critically dependent upon it.

Mr. Gaffney’s weekly column at the Washington Times was terminated within days of the release of a letter signed by former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Congressman Allen West, former Commander-in-Chief Pacific Fleet Admiral James “Ace” Lyons and six other influential national security practitioners.  (To review this letter and its attachments, click here.)

Breitbart News Network welcomes Mr. Gaffney as a weekly columnist and looks forward to his continued contributions to the national security debate on these pages.