Two Dead in Violent Fights in Donetsk, Ukraine

Two Dead in Violent Fights in Donetsk, Ukraine

Pro-Ukrainians and Pro-Russians clashed at rallies in Ukraine’s eastern city of Donetsk. Two people were killed, 17 were sent to medics, and eleven went to the hospital.

Tensions have been high in pro-Russia areas since Ukraine’s parliament deposed Russia-backed president Viktor Yanukovych. He chose a bailout from Russia instead of a trade deal with European Union. 

East Ukraine is home to a lot of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians who speak Russian as their main language. In fact, Yanukovych passed a law that allowed cities where Russian is the main language to use in official business transactions and education. The new parliament revoked the law when it kicked out Yanukovych.

Ukraine passed a resolution early Thursday morning to create a national guard consisting of 60,000 people. Russia moved 200,000 soldiers to the Ukraine border and engaged in military exercises. Russia is in full control of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, which, like east Ukraine, is composed of mostly ethnic Russians. Crimea is holding a referendum on March 16 when the people will decide to remain a part of Ukraine or join the Russian Federation.

Below are tweets and pictures of the fights.



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