Norwegian Army 'Making Women Soldiers' Use Unisex Bedrooms

Norwegian Army 'Making Women Soldiers' Use Unisex Bedrooms

The Norwegian Army is “making women soldiers” use unisex bedrooms at a military base in Northern Norway.

This new “experiment” comes after the Norwegian military went “veggie to save [the] climate” in November 2013, began allowing male soldiers to wear ponytails in August 2013, and admitted “losing 1,200 rifles” in September 2011.

According to the, the unisex bedroom experiment puts “two women together with four men.” 

A report by Ulla-Britt Lilleass and Dag Ellingsen titled, “The Army: the vanguard, rear guard and battlefield of equality,” says “women reported that sharing a room helped make them ‘one of the boys.'” One woman said: “You have to be a team here, and then you have to live together to in order to be able to trust one another.” 

Ellingsen added that a problem with keeping men and women separate was that “in some cases… the information flow” bypassed rooms that housed only females.

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