Fist Fight Breaks Out During Ukraine's Parliament Meeting

Fist Fight Breaks Out During Ukraine's Parliament Meeting

There are tensions between Ukraine and Russia, but it appears the tensions between the Ukrainian parties are just as bad. A fist fight broke out in parliament on Tuesday.

Communist Party member Petro Symonenko “accused nationalists of playing into the hands of Russia by adopting extreme tactics early in the Ukraine crisis.” Two members of the Svoboda Party, which has a history of violence, did not appreciate the accusation. Here is the video:

Symonenko said the protesters at Independence Square in Kyiv “set a precedent” when they took over government buildings or set them on fire. He claimed the people in the east were trying to be peaceful.

“You are today doing everything to intimidate people. You arrest people, start fighting people who have a different point of view,” he said, before being pulled away from the rostrum by the Svoboda deputies.

However, on March 13 in Donetsk, pro-Ukrainians held a peaceful rally at Lenin Square when pro-Russians attacked them. Two people died and now the pro-Ukrainians are scared to hold any rallies. Authorities arrested fifteen people in Luhansk on suspicions of overthrowing the officials. They were found with hundreds of weapons, including grenades and bombs.