Pro-Russian Forces Attack Ukraine Army Base in Mariupol

Pro-Russian Forces Attack Ukraine Army Base in Mariupol

People in Mariupol, Ukraine, told the city’s website an attack on military unit number 3057 occurred around 8:40 PM local time. They said it was all quiet until someone shot up flares and yelled, “Mariupol, arise.”

A bus showed up with over 500 people in gray uniforms and St. George ribbons. Soldiers inside the building returned fire. The eyewitnesses said the firefight lasted about 20 minutes. People smelled gasoline in the air and Molotov cocktails.

The city website said negotiations started between the protesters and the men inside, but it was too emotional to get anything accomplished. The protesters threw the first Molotov cocktail about an hour after they arrived:

Paddy caught fire. In response, a shot is fired.

Several bullets hit a residential house at Nakhimov Prospect, 174. Suffered two apartments. One bullet hit the door (in the family has two young children) to another (on the fifth floor) window and gas column. Residents began to run out into the street, fearing a gas leak.

There are reports of ten to twelve injured, including two seriously wounded. Local law enforcement agents said one of the protesters was killed, and now there are reports the death toll is at four. Officers also stated there are ten people detained and they are looking for more.

Military helicopters are flying over the city now, and more eyewitnesses said the shooting dispersed to surrounding areas. The Ukrainian website 0629 reported gunshots at a nearby hospital and that there are vehicles on fire. A military building is also on fire.

0629 and Mariupol websites posted pictures from the area. Here are a few videos:


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