Ukraine Anti-Terrorism Leader: 'It Is in Fact a War'

Ukraine Anti-Terrorism Leader: 'It Is in Fact a War'

Vasyl Krutov, the head of Ukraine’s anti-terrorist center, confirmed there was heavy fighting in Kramatorsk, a town 10 miles from Sloviansk.

“There is gunfire and clashes around Kramatorsk … What we are facing in the Donetsk region and in the eastern regions is not just some kind of short-lived uprising, it is in fact a war.”

In a later statement he added that Ukrainian forces have retaken the security service headquarters in Kramatorsk.

The Kyiv Post‘s editor Christopher Miller traveled from Sloviansk to Kramatorsk on Saturday morning and documented the trip on his Twitter account. He encountered many checkpoints taken over by the Ukrainian National Guard.

As he entered Kramatorsk, the sirens were blaring and he noticed a tense atmosphere.

Freelance journalist Maxim Erivasti tweeted a video that allegedly shows Ukrainian soldiers entering Kramatorsk and the locals were not happy.

Locals and other journalists took to Twitter to share pictures of the Ukrainian army in Kramatorsk.

Russia media is reporting deaths in Kramatorsk, but there are no official confirmations. Breitbart News will update when more information is available.


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