Pro-Russians Run Amok in Odessa, Ukraine, After Yatsenyuk Visits City

Pro-Russians Run Amok in Odessa, Ukraine, After Yatsenyuk Visits City

Pro-Russians stormed police headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, shortly after Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk visited the city, which last week witnessed the second deadliest day since Euromaidan protests started in November 2013.

Yatsenyuk said the deadly clashes on May 2 were organized and funded by the Russian Federation.

“There were dozens of casualties resulting from a well-prepared and organized action against people, against Ukraine and against Odessa,” Yatseniuk told representatives of social organizations.

He dismissed Russian accusations that his government was provoking bloodshed in the east with an operation to restore Kiev’s authority in a series of cities under rebel control.

“The process of dialogue had begun, only it was drowned out by the sound of shooting from automatic rifles of Russian production,” he said.

He also blamed the Odessa police for not doing more to stop the violence on Friday. He said they were useless and not interested in doing what is right; the Odessa police chief was fired Saturday.

Yatseniuk, speaking in Odessa, attacked police forces in the Black Sea port city, suggesting they were more interested in the fruits of corruption than maintaining order. Had they done their job, he said, “these terrorist organizations would have been foiled.”

After he left, the police effectively proved Yatsenyuk right. Journalists Howard Amos and Roland Oliphant reported pro-Russians stormed the Odessa police headquarters and demanded the release of the pro-Russian forces detained for the May 2 violence. Over 130 people were detained. It did not take long for the police to cave and release 67 prisoners.

Amos documented his walk to the trade union building Sunday morning. People are still fighting, and others are mourning the dead.

He toured the burnt trade union building where the majority of the people perished after the building was set on fire. Since both pro-Ukrainians and pro-Russians were throwing grenades and Molotov cocktails, it is hard to determine who started the fire.

Amos tweeted a picture of the armory in Odessa, which might be the next target. Breitbart News will update with new information.

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