China Sentences Military Leaker to 10 Years

China Sentences Military Leaker to 10 Years

A man in Guangdong known only as Li received a sentence of 10 years for leaking “23 classic documents, 13 of which were considered highly classified.”

Li “also passed along photos of military installations and movements.”

According to BBC News, China has “not named the country which received the information nor given the [leaker’s] full name.”

What is known is that Li “worked at a coastal city in Guangdong in 2000.” He was befriend by an individual in 2011 who began offering “unspecified amounts of cash” for “military journals” Li could “procure…through the national library.”

Li also conducted “long-term surveillance on key military installations” for his friend.

Li was one of “12 others [who had been] recruited in Guangdong, [along with] another 40 people in 20 other provinces.” 

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