West Point Gives the Cold Shoulder to President Obama

West Point Gives the Cold Shoulder to President Obama

President Barack Obama received a chilly reception for his warnings against the alleged dangers of climate change during his address at West Point Wednesday. The cadets exhibited little warmth in applauding their Commander in Chief, which should come as little shock when considering the actual dangers these American soldiers will face upon graduating.

The Commander in Chief took the time to warn of the so-called dangers of global warming, urging the cadets to “make commitments to combat climate change.” Our troops, many of whom lay down their lives each and every day to protect the individual freedoms of every American, were being told that they weren’t doing enough.

Our military is keenly aware of this president’s disastrous foreign policy, along with his newly implemented crippling rules of engaging our enemies. The greatest military the world has ever known is losing soldiers in Afghanistan three times the rate of Obama’s predecessor, to no fault of their own. Helicopters are being shot out of the sky because of the rules and regulations written by Obama’s Washington bureaucrats. The realities these soldiers faced took a back seat to environmentalism during the President’s speech, as he urged them to focus on climate change as the real enemy.

As America’s foreign policy blunders continue daily, Obama’s priorities instead involve ensuring the defeat of our foremost “threat,” as declared by Secretary John Kerry, which, of course is… climate change.

Military graduates do not have the luxury to consider climate change a threat. The Middle East is (literally) on fire; al Qaeda is on the rise world-wide; Ukraine and other Eastern European states are terrified of what is to become of their future sovereignty; our arch rivals in Russia and China are gaining ground on America’s global hegemony faster than ever; Iran is building a nuclear bomb and openly telling us that they want to wipe us off the earth; Iraq has become a failed state; Islamists in Africa are slaughtering thousands; and the list goes on. The job of an American soldier is to tackle these problems head-on, sacrificing time with family and the lives of friends and even their own along the way.

And while the threats facing military officers have been present for years, such an icy reception for the president is unheard of. As Breitbart’s Debra Heine astutely points out: “look how West Point Cadets greeted President Bush during his final visit to the academy in December of 2008 – arguably at the lowest ebb of his presidency.” 

It is simply unheard of for so many of our troops to show such a lack of interest in their Commander in Chief’s speech. However, seemingly for the first time in recent history, the cadets remained silent.