MH370 Hunt the Most Expensive in Aviation History

MH370 Hunt the Most Expensive in Aviation History

As the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, it has already become “the most expensive” in aviation history, and “experts [predict] costs could reach hundreds of millions of pounds.”

According to The Telegraph, this cost estimate comes after Australian officials announced they found no airline wreckage in the area they have been searching.

Aviation expert and former Boeing engineer Todd Curtis said the final costs depends on how long it takes to find the plane compounded by the fact that the search is “being conducted so far from land.”

Curtis said, “There has not been a large scale operation like this so far from resources on land. The estimate of hundreds of millions of dollars is a good first-cut estimate, but it could be of a magnitude higher than that; it’s too early too tell.”

Australia has already spent 24 million pounds ($40.23 million) and has budgeted another 50 million pounds ($83.82 million) for its participation in the search over the next two years.

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