Former Special Forces Commander at ​Soros-Funded Think-Tank: Bergdahl Must Apologize

Former Special Forces Commander at ​Soros-Funded Think-Tank: Bergdahl Must Apologize

This morning in an interview on WMAL Radio, a former Special Forces commander called for justice and an apology from recently released Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ​to​ the families of those soldiers that died trying to find and rescue the then PFC.

The demand is all the more remarkable because it comes from someone at a Soros-funded, left-wing​ think-tank.

Michael G. Waltz is now a Senior Fellow with the ​New America Foundation but commanded a ​reserve ​U.S. Army Special Forces unit ​and had multiple deployments to Afghanistan and the Middle East. ​In Afghanistan, Waltz​ commanded a number of SOF teams​, or ODAs (Operational Detachment Alpha​), in four provinces along the border region with Pakistan.​ 

In the interview, Waltz pointed out that in all the administration’s statements on the prisoner exchange, not once was mention made of the families of the fallen soldiers that were killed looking for PFC Bergdahl after he walked off his post. ​

Waltz demanded justice and an apology from Bergdahl in person. 

​This reasonable request is more than surprising because the New American Foundation, as Breitbart News has detailed, is not a bipartisan think-tank but a left-wing organization closely aligned with the White House and the administration’s narratives on the war against al Qaeda. 

Funded in part by George Soros’ Open Society Institute, NAF is headed by a key former member of the Obama administration’s inner circle, Anne-Marie Slaughter​. Slaughter was the director of Policy Planning at the Department of State between 2009 and 2011 and is credited as being one of the masterminds behind the White House’s interventionist policies.

NAF is also home to Peter Bergen, the CNN reporter who is famous for declaring al Qaeda dead and seeing the real threat to America as coming from “right-wing extremists.” 

Could the unravelling of the decision to release Sgt. Bergdahl be undermining the cohesion of the left wing’s chattering class? 

Given the fact that the Taliban is providing more information about the prisoner exchange than the administration which prides itself on its transparency, the strains and tensions with the White House may lead to more “narrative defections.”

Breitbart News has separately spoken to senior Special Forces officers regarding the Bergdahl story. One who was involved in the search and rescue attempts shared with us that the general opinion of PFC Bergdahl was not high amongst those who were involved in those operations and that this week’s deal endangers US civilians most. 

The officer, who must remain unnamed since he still serves with Special Forces, told Breitbart News: “Don’t worry about the soldiers in the field. We are hard to capture and can defend ourselves. The real danger is to Americans everywhere, now that the enemy knows that America negotiates with terrorists.”

Waltz’s book Warrior Diplomat: A Green Beret’s Battles from Washington to Afghanistan will be released soon.