Opposition To ISIS Focuses on Group's Online Presence

Opposition To ISIS Focuses on Group's Online Presence

As ISIS uses Twitter to further its reach, “Anonymous” and the U.S. State Department are targeting the “social-media campaign” in an effort to stifle it. 

According to the National Journal, ISIS has used Twitter extensively “to amplify its presence” over time. It has separate accounts for tweets “in English, German, and Russian in addition to Arabic.”

They also use high tech effects in the videos they post in an attempt to catch the attention of “young Syrians, Iraqis, and other Muslims in the region.” The goal is to attract them to come along side ISIS fighters and take up the cause.

They promote a “recruitment video” aimed specifically at recruiting from Western countries. 

In response the U.S. State Department has expanded its counterterrorism program “Think Again Turn Away” and “Anonymous is planning to attack ISIS’s sponsors in what [Forbes describes as]…’Operation No2ISIS.'”

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