Israel: Ground War On The Horizon As Last Ditch Ceasefire Efforts Commence

Israel: Ground War On The Horizon As Last Ditch Ceasefire Efforts Commence

Tel Aviv, Israel–On Wednesday, Hamas released 10 conditions for a hudna, many of which Israel could not ever conceivably agree to without surrendering much of their security and sovereignty. However, many in the international community are hopeful that Israel and Hamas can strike a deal before a seemingly inevitable IDF ground operation into Gaza.

Should a last-ditch effort to reach a truce fail, Israel is “highly likely” to commence a full-scale ground operation, a senior Israeli military official told The New York Times Wednesday.

The official said that an Israeli operation into Gaza would not be a “huge challenge,” as his assessment estimated it would take roughly “a matter of days or weeks” before the operation had reached its conclusion. He tabled his remarks by mentioning that following an IDF ground invasion, occupying Gaza would likely be required for a period of “many months.” The official continued, “Every day that passes makes the possibility more evident. We can hurt them very hard from the air but not get rid of them,” he said.

At 9pm Wednesday, the United Nations requested Israel to stop its military campaign in Gaza for six hours time so humanitarian workers can bring supplies into Gaza. Israeli officials are said to be likely to accept the UN’s request, according to the Jerusalem Post. Military sources told Breitbart News that the six-hour time period would likely act as a de facto ceasefire, as Hamas would also hold off its rocket attacks into Israel during the timeframe.

At 6pm local time, the Israeli security cabinet approved the call-up of an additional 8,000 IDF reserves into duty. This brings the maximum pool of reserve soldiers that can be utilized by the IDF up to 56,000 troops.

Four Palestinian children have reportedly been killed by an artillery shell fired from an Israeli Navy ship. The IDF has immediately appointed a Major General to investigate the report. Two-hundred twelve Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing conflict, about half of which have been noncombatants.

This morning, Tel Aviv was bombarded by a massive rocket salvo fired by Hamas terrorists. At least four of the rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

Separately, the crew of the new FX hit show Tyrant has packed up and moved production of the television series from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, Turkey due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.