EVIDENCE: IDF Issued Warning Calls to Terrorist-Occupied Hospital Before Striking It

EVIDENCE: IDF Issued Warning Calls to Terrorist-Occupied Hospital Before Striking It

Telephone recordings and documented video reveal proof that Israel Defense Forces called Gaza’s Wafa Hospital several times to warn Palestinians to evacuate the premises. The IDF also received full confirmation that the hospital grounds were devoid of patients or civilians prior to targeting the site on Wednesday. 

Jihadist terrorist group Hamas had turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and rocket-launching site where missiles were being housed and from which they have routinely opened fire on IDF soldiers. 

In the video below, the IDF can be heard making more than one warning to call to Wafa Hospital two days prior to the counter-strike they delivered targeting Hamas terrorists, asking the hospital’s staff to thrice confirm that there were no civilians on the premises.

Secondary explosions can be seen in the video confirming Hamas was housing rockets in the hospital, per IDF intelligence on the site. The IDF has been strategic in its attempts to target specific sites within the hospital grounds where terrorists were located and from which they were opening fire on IDF forces, housed within the hospital. 

On Tuesday, United Nations Relief and Works Agency For Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced that rockets had been found on their premises for the second time in less than a week. Hamas had been hiding rockets inside of schools. They have committed double war crimes by endangering their own population and violating certain facets of wartime under the jurisprudence of international law.

Israel has routinely warned its enemies to evacuate sites and foregone military strikes in order to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas does the exact opposite and uses human shields, including children, to wage a PR war against Israel in an attempt to heinously rack up its very own civilian deaths, incorrectly using what they deem to be a numbers game in which they believe the media will vindicate the group with the greatest number of casualties. 

Hamas has used force and threatened the civilian population it was elected to govern to remain in their homes, despite Israel’s warnings to evacuate pending reactionary fire from the IDF.