Hamas Rocket Fire Prevents Aid from Reaching Gaza

Hamas Rocket Fire Prevents Aid from Reaching Gaza

JERUSALEM – 158 trucks carrying humanitarian aid and relief supplies were scheduled to enter into Gaza from southern Israel on Tuesday. However, due to Hamas rocket fire and the deteriorating security situation in Israel, just 43 trucks made it through Kerem Shalom Crossing on the Israel-Gaza border.

According to a daily report on civilian assistance to Gaza prepared by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, 621 tons of food, 80 tons of cultural supplies, 44 tons of medicine and medical supplies, and 25 tons of humanitarian supplies were trucked to Gaza on Tuesday as sirens warning of Hamas rocket barrages blared from Tel Aviv to Sderot.

Additionally, the IDF facilitated eight ambulance transfers from Gaza to an Israeli field hospital just across the border through the Erez Crossing, including the evacuation of a 75-year-old woman from North Gaza who was taken to the field hospital and later transferred to a different facility in Israel for medical treatment. A total of 74 such ambulance transfers had been completed through July 29.

According to the IDF, 2,825 rockets have been launched at Israel since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge just over three weeks ago. Israel has successfully neutralized over 4,000 terror targets, including at least a dozen Hamas “terror tunnels.”