More Women, Girls 'Weaponize Themselves,' Take On Role Of Suicide Bomber

The past few months have witnessed a growing number of women and girls “[weaponizing] themselves” and carrying out suicide bomb attacks in Nigeria.

Their acts are complimented by the growing number of women taking part in jihad by enforcing Sharia law on other women in areas captured by ISIS.

According to Vanguard News, there were four female suicide bomber attacks in Kano, Nigeria in July alone. 

In the first attack the suicide bomber killed herself and six others. In the second, the suicide bomber “slaughtered three women lined up to buy oil for their cook-stoves.” The third unsuccessfully targeted a mall, killing only herself.

In the fourth and most recent attack, “a young Nigeria girl–just 15 years old–approached a group of police officers and blew herself up.” The 15-year-old only succeeded in killing herself, but the horror of a such a young female being recruited for such a role made a lasting point.

While women and girls are detonating themselves in Kano, a female brigade formed by ISIS is enforcing Sharia law in Raqqa, the Syrian city the Islamic State terrorist group considers its “capital.”

On August 1 Breitbart News reported that ISIS official Abu Ahmad said: “We have established the brigade to raise awareness of our religion among women, and to punish women who do not abide by the law.”

As a result, The Atlantic reports that women in Raqqa “who go out without a male chaperone or aren’t fully covered in public are subject to beatings or arrests.” 

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