Sierra Leoneans Under Ebola Quarantine Eating Rotten Rice to Survive

Sierra Leoneans Under Ebola Quarantine Eating Rotten Rice to Survive

A new report indicates Sierra Leoneans quarantined due to Ebola have been eating rotten rice. At the same time, a new epicenter for Ebola contractions in Liberia has emerged in the small Grand Cape Mount County town of Jene-Wonde.

According to Awareness Times, while monitoring food supplies to homes of the quarantined, the All Political Party Association (APPA) of Sierra Leone “discovered that… bags of rice were rotten, filthy, substandard, expired, and not fit for human consumption.” The rice was supplied by the World Food Program and was paid for by the United Nations “and other international donor agencies.”

APPA further reported that the oil provided for use in cooking came in open containers which “the people refused… for fear of it being contaminated.” 

Meanwhile, south of Sierra Leone, in the tiny town Jene-Wonde, Liberia, a new epicenter for Ebola contraction appears to be emerging. The Associated Press reports that 10 percent of the town’s 300 residents have been lost to Ebola “since late September.”

According to Front Page Africa, many residents of the small town believe they will be “wiped off the face of the earth by the deadly Ebola virus” if government does not intervene. 

One such resident—James Jallah Paul—said, “We are begging the government to come to our rescue. If the government does not come to our rescue, we will [die] here; this place will be an empty space.”

On October 20, Breitbart News reported on a study funded by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) predicting 220,000 new cases of Ebola in West Africa by the end of 2014. The study indicated “the bulk of the epidemic [is] yet to come.” 

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