Palestinians’ Celebration of Synagogue Massacre Abetted by Obama’s Moral Equivalence

Horrific events like Tuesday’s savage terrorist attack on Jewish worshippers gathered in their neighborhood Jerusalem synagogue for morning prayers are sadly almost to be expected from a Palestinian society utterly consumed in the warped incitement and demonic celebration of violent blood lust. 

Outbursts of such mindless and murderous savagery are the evil but perfectly logical results of the blood curdling incitement,omnipresent throughout state-controlled Palestinian media. News of the massacre was met in Palestinian cities and towns not with denunciations, but with congratulations and celebration.

As difficult as it is to watch an entire society swallowed up by an unimaginable hatred, it is even harder to fathom how the West- and in particular the United States government- remains so adamant in their refusal to learn any lasting or correct lessons about the true aims and openly expressed goals of terror groups like Hamas and US funded Palestinian Authority.

While US Secretary of State John Kerry was quick to issue one of his finest defenses of Israel as America’s top diplomat as he condemned Tuesday’s Palestinian terrorist atrocity just a few hours later, it was all but negated by President Obama’s stunningly void remarks in which he doubled down on his morally bankrupt bromides about “cycle’s of violence,” calls for “mutual restraint,” and how most Palestinians want peace. Of the many things that can be accurately said of the Palestinian people, that the majority of Palestinians want peace with Israel is obviously not one of them. Polls regularly show almost 90% of Palestinians openly support the murder of Israelis and Jews.

The three most obvious lessons that people not deluded by politically correct fantasies regarding the nature and source of the war against Israel would learn are:

  1. The much heralded “two-state solution”- never a realistic option to begin with- is even less so now. Two states cannot live side by side in “peace and security” when the very purpose of one of the states is the violent destruction of the other.
  2. Calling upon the US taxpayer to fund the corrupt, terrorist-enabling Palestinian Authority is a moral outrage of the first order. PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s so called “condemnation” of Tuesday’s terrorist attack was nothing more than a tactical exercise to insure the PA retains its Western funding so it can intensify its war against Israel. The US must stop funding the PA until and unless it embarks on a serious and verifiable campaign to reverse the incitement of its people against Jews and Israel.
  3. The single greatest catalyst for international chaos and global terrorism is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state is the single most important task of the civilized world.

The world needs its leaders to acknowledge what is plain for anyone to see. The Palestinian Authority does not exist in order to create the world’s 22nd Arab Muslim state; its purpose, together with Hamas, is to destroy the world’s only Jewish state. Terrorists are not and must never be partners for peace. Terrorists are the enemies of peace and must be treated as such.