ISIS Threatens to Behead Former Homeland Security Advisor Over Twitter

ISIS Threatens to Behead Former Homeland Security Advisor Over Twitter

A self-described ISIS sympathizer and extremist threatened to behead former Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to President George W. Bush and President of the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) Fran Townsend over social media site Twitter on Friday.

The news of the threat was provided to Breitbart News via a press release from CEP. The account belonged to Mujahid Miski; the name is believed to be the alias of a suspected American jihadist with the given name Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan. Hassan is wanted by the FBI and is considered to be a serious and credible threat to national security according to CEP.

His Twitter account has since been removed, but not before CEP put forth at least 12 days of requesting its removal with direct correspondences with Twitter. This is reportedly not the first time the terrorist has taken to social media with violent death threats; two accounts associated with him were twice before suspended before he returned to social media on Friday again threatening Townsend’s life.

In addition to numerous beheading and death threats, Miski (aka Hassan) had praised the gruesome slaughter of five Jews by two Palestinian terrorists at a synagogue in Jerusalem on Twitter. His tweet read, “Allahu Akbar, 5 Jews were sent to hell by two brave Muslims. Allahu Akbar, If only every Muslims could kill 1 Jew, everything would change.”

There are currently approximately 14 million Jews in the world compared to 1.6 billion Muslims. Muslims account for approximately 23% of the entire world’s population. 

CEP is a a bipartisan organization dedicated to identifying and combating global extremism in all its forms. They recently launched a Digital Disruption campaign, which seeks to find and expose extremist Twitter accounts. 

A link to tweets from their campaign can be found by searching Twitter under the hashtag #CEPDigitalDisruption.

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