36 Die in Shanghai New Year’s Eve Stampede


Thirty-six people are dead after a New Year’s Eve stampede at Shanghai’s Chen Yi Square had disastrous consequences.

Chen Yi Square is a popular area for people to gather for big events, and tragedies like this are not common.

Fox News reports that one Taiwanese was among those killed and “two Taiwanese and one Malaysian were among… [the] 47 others [who] received hospital treatment.” Thirteen of the 47 were “seriously injured.”

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Andrew Jordan Shainker—an American who watched the stampede through a restaurant window. Shainker said, “It was utter chaos. There were so many people in a small place.” He also indicated that other party goers appeared to remain and “continue celebrating,” even after the stampede.

A Chinese man, whose fiancee was killed, said, “We were coming down the stairs and all of a sudden the people above us starting sliding down and pushing all of us down. I lost my girlfriend immediately, and the next thing I knew I was already on the ground. The stampede itself lasted for 20 minutes or more.”

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