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Obama to Meet Chinese, Indian Leaders on Asia Tour

On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama embarked on a five-day trip to China, India, and France, where he will meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi before speaking at the introductory session of the Les Napoleons Summit in Paris.

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Chinese Education Rankings Plummet After Most of China Added to Survey

The South China Morning Post begins its report on the crash of China’s education rankings in a rather anodyne fashion, but the buried lede is that China has been gaming the system for years by excluding the bulk of its population from previous studies.

People take pictures of Mickey Mouse (in foreground) after the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai on June 16, 2016.

Obama Celebrates ‘Mutually Beneficial’ Disney Resort In China

“Blending a U.S. business with the beauty and rich cultural heritage of China, this resort captures the promise of our bilateral relationship,” Obama said in a letter to Walt Disney Chairman Bob Iger that was read aloud at the opening of the $5.5 billion Shanghai Disney resort.


Another Chinese Billionaire Goes Missing Amid Market Crisis

Billionaire Zhou Chengjian, whose $4 billion clothing retail fortune makes him the 62nd-richest person in China, has mysteriously disappeared. He is only the latest in a line of Chinese business magnates to vanish, with the previous disappearance occurring only last month. It almost certainly is not the work of John Galt.

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World View: China Leads a Worldwide Stock Selloff

Contents: China leads a worldwide stock selloff; Oil volatility illustrates exogenous factors affecting Wall Street; China rescues the stock market every day at 2 pm; China arresting people who spread malicious rumors by telling the truth

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Chinese Market Closes Down Despite Rate Cuts

The Chinese market crisis has been described as a loss of investor confidence prompted by Beijing’s search for innovative new ways to control China’s economy.


China’s ‘Black Monday’ Becomes Everyone’s Stock Market Headache

One of the big problems with allowing an authoritarian communist/crony-capitalist regime to become a world financial leader is that they lie about everything. China’s long-concealed economic woes finally became impossible to hide, and we got a worldwide market panic that sent the

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World View: China Announces ‘Market Stabilization Fund’ to Stem Stock Market Panic

Contents: Europe enters a dangerous period after Greece’s Tsipras wins overwhelming victory; China takes emergency measures to stem stock market panic; China’s ‘Market Stabilization Fund’ mimics America’s ‘Organized Support’ in 1929; In lavish ceremony, the new King of Tonga is crowned — by an Australian

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World View: Terror Attacks in Kuwait, France, Somalia and Tunisia Highlight Growing Sectarian War

Contents: Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab launches massive terrorist attack in Somalia; ISIS-linked terrorists attack Shia mosque in Kuwait City, killing 27; France in shock after beheading and attack at US-owned factory; Terrorist gunman creates bloodbath in Tunisia, killing 37; Analysis of Friday’s four terror attacks; China’s stock markets continue their free-fall


China Bars Media from Interviewing Shanghai Stampede Victims’ Families

Shanghai authorities came under heavy criticism after a stampede killed thirty-six people on New Year’s Eve. Family members of the deceased slammed the government for skimping on security at an event that attracts thousands of people. But now these family members claim the Chinese government is censoring and monitoring their moves.