Babies in ISIS Beanies: Terrorist Social Accounts Promote Child Indoctrination

أبو الوليد الانصاري @taqwalah4 Twitter
أبو الوليد الانصاري @taqwalah4 Twitter

Supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) have continued to use social media accounts to promote indoctrination of children by faithful jihadist mothers. Recent trends seem to indicate a higher use of imagery of little girls wearing Islamic State gear and supporting the terrorist “caliphate.”

In one example, an account known to support the terrorist group congratulates a family on their daughter and claims the family will soon be full of Islamic State soldiers. The newborn baby wears an Islamic State beanie on her head.

Here is a picture of a young child, who might be female since her underclothes are pink, completely wrapped up and embracing an AK-47.

This young girl appears to be around four years old, but she proudly holds an AK-47, while the owner of the account says she needs a veil.

A follower told her “brother” they do not educate their women, but they become mothers of the next generation to topple Jerusalem. In other words, to them, women are only good for breeding. She included a picture of very young girls completely covered.

The increasing use of girls as representatives of the Islamic State’s jihad follows the release of a parenting guide titled “Sister’s Role in Jihad,” in which women are instructed to indoctrinate their children into a life of jihad “when they are babies.”


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