‘Allah is the Greatest’: Islamists Celebrated Charlie Hebdo Attack on Social Media


Radical Islamists and supporters of jihad on social media used Twitter to celebrate the three gunmen who killed twelve people and wounded nearly a dozen others at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. The attack, a retaliation against the magazine for publishing satirical images of the Prophet Muhammad, received support and justification. All of these accounts talk about jihad and the Islamic State regularly, interrupting their ISIS updates to praise the attack.

“Gunmen take revenge from the French newspaper cartoons of the Prophet. Pray for him in France, killing 11 Crusaders including two police.”

“French newspaper that has been targeted in France jurisdiction only to offend the Prophet. Pray to him and Sheikh Abu Bakr and Islam.”

“We’re gonna hit you in your street!! There is no doubt God has revenge.”

“Allah is the greatest. Video shows voices of enlarge black brothers raiders on the newspaper in Paris during the clash with the Heathens.”

“See how Allah is the greatest! French policeman was killed in the streets of #Paris.”

“Allah is the greatest! Images of the scene.”

“God is great. All the attackers managed to escape. God save them.”

“Hallelujah as these black brothers, full battalion, storm and withdrew.”

One account directly quoted from the Quran to justify the killing of those who publish parodies referencing Islam:

Some people (Muslims) need to re-read the Qu’ran and tafsir if they haven’t already. — Muhajabah (@_Muhajabah_) January 7, 2015

Surah at Tawbah 9:14 "</p


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