The Guardian: Young Americans Turning to Islam to Show Solidarity with Gaza, Understand Palestinian ‘Resilience’

Young Americans are exploring the Koran to understand Palestinian “resilience” and express solidarity with Gaza, according to a recent essay in The Guardian US, which describes the recent trend among Western youth seeking to align religious texts with progressive values, with some seeing Islam’s holy book as an “anti-consumerist, anti-oppressive, and feminist” work.

Supporters of Palestine hold a rally in the Bay Ridge neighborhood on October 21, 2023 in the Brooklyn borough in New York City. Bay Ridge is home to a large population of Arab Americans from Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon an other countries. Across the city and country, both Palestinians and Israelis …

WATCH: Colorado Imam Teaches Children That Jews Lie, Deceive, Can’t Be Trusted – Constantly ‘Tricking Us to Trust Them’

It is ill-advised to “trust” or “do business” with Jews, according to a Colorado imam who livestreamed a lecture for children that included a Quranic tale of Allah turning Jews into monkeys, as well as claims that Jews are predominantly deceptive and persistently “tricking us to trust them,” and it is important to understand their characteristics in order to defend oneself. 

Lebanese and Palestinian students burn a copy of the Israeli flag during a solidarity rally with the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, in Martyrs' Square in the coastal city of Sidon, in southern Lebanon on October 26, 2023, amid the ongoing battles between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Thousands …