New Charlie Hebdo Features Muhammad Cartoon, Tells Those Who Don’t Stand For Free Speech To “Go F**k Themselves”

Charlie Hebdo 1/14
Charlie Hebdo/Liberation

Reporters have received advanced information regarding the content within the next issue of Charlie Hebdo, which is expected to come out on Wednesday.

BBC correspondent Fergal Keane revealed on Twitter the following:

The magazine is reportedly sixteen pages long.

It features a cartoon of Islam’s Muhammad and a satirical piece mocking the Islamic State.

A cartoon within Charlie Hebdo reportedly reveals a woman unsheathing her burka to reveal her naked body.

There is also “crude sexual content” involving the Catholic Pope.

The back page of the magazine reads, translated from French, “25 years of work. Terrorists 25 seconds of work.”

An editorial in Charlie Hebdo thanks its readers and the millions who have stood with them through its troubling times. However, the magazine recognizes that many “pseudo-intellectual insinuations” have tried to demonize Charlie Hebdo, and cast them as Islamophobic.

For those who haven’t stood up for Charlie Hebdo, and its right to the freedom of speech, the magazine recommends they “can go f*** themselves.” The magazine also reportedly points out the cowardice of those who have said “we condemn terrorism” and then add a disclaimer or a “but” to the end.

Charlie Hebdo, which has always stood for secularism, writes at the end, “What made us laugh most this week is that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honour.”