French Police: Gun Control Isn’t Working for Us

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Following the deaths of two French police officers during the January 7 Charlie Hebdo attack and another officer death during an attack the following day, French police are demanding more guns and guns that are more powerful.

The situation during the Charlie Hebdo attack was very lopsided–in favor of the terrorists–because of current policing and arms policy. Breitbart News reported that “unarmed Paris police officers” were forced to flee when confronted with the armed attackers. UK’s Independent reported that “three policemen arrived [at the scene of the attack] on bikes but had to leave because [the attackers] were armed.” A policeman assigned to the duty of body guard to Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier was killed, and an officer on a mountain bike was gunned down.

The Associated Press reports French police unions met with Interior Ministry officials on January 19, seeking to take the advantage away from terrorists and other attackers. The unions demanded “more” guns and “heavier” guns, as well as “protective gear, better training for first-responders, and more legal tools to guard against terrorists.”

The violence and death French police endured over a two-day period because of gun control is a perfect microcosm of the violence and death gun control has caused on larger scale in other European countries, like England. On September 24 Breitbart News reported that gun control had made England “the most violent country in Europe.”

In 2009, twelve years after England’s most stringent gun controls were enacted, the Daily Mail reported “the UK [had] a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and South Africa.”

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