Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Is the ‘Bibi-Sitter’ in Latest Campaign Ad

Screencap from Likud Party campaign advertisement "Bibisitter," in which Benjami
Likud Party/Youtube

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party recently released a wildly popular campaign commercial in which a couple expecting a babysitter is greeted instead by the “Bibi-Sitter.”

“But you’re the Prime Minister. You’re going to take care of our children?!” the wife asks. “Look, it’s either me … or Tzipi (Tzipi Livni) and Buji (Isaac Herzog),” replies Netanyahu, referring to his opponents in the upcoming Israeli elections.

The husband responds, “No no no no … Buji? Our children will have to take care of him!” The wife agrees by saying, “By the time we get home, we won’t have a house left!”

“And Tzipi?” asks the husband. The wife replies, doubting that she would “stay in one place for two hours.” Bibi agrees. “By the time we get back, she’ll have moved on to the neighbors,” he explains.

Netanyahu turns to the camera and explains, “This election, you will choose who will care for our children.”

As the couple comes back from their night out, they happily greet Netanyahu with “Shalom! (Peace).” The Prime Minister responds, “Not unconditionally!” in reference to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict.

A poll released Monday by Haaretz showed Netanyahu’s center-right Likud Party was the most popular among several that are expected to gather seats in the next Knesset (Parliament), followed by the left-wing Zionist Camp coalition. Rounding out the top three is the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi (The Jewish Home) party, known for its strong national security platform and for promoting Israel’s Jewish identity. The election for Israel’s Knesset will take place on March 17.


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