Report: Charlie Hebdo Killers Texted Kosher Deli Attacker to ‘Coordinate’

AP Photo/Francois Mori, File

On February 17, CNN reported that the Charlie Hebdo gunmen texted the Kosher deli gunman an hour before launching their January 7 attack on the satirical newspaper.

This involved Cherif Kouachi “sending a text to one of thirteen phones belonging to [Amedy Coulibaly],” who, the next day, “shot a police woman, then went on to storm that Jewish market.”

Moreover, CNN also says the text messages show that Kouachi and Coulibaly “met some time between midnight and 1 am” on the morning of January 7, and “the attack plan was discussed.”

Le Monde also indicates that Kouachi and Coulibaly coordinated their attacks prior to carrying them out, saying, “Never, until now, [was there] evidence that they had formally coordinated their attacks against Charlie Hebdo and [the Kosher deli].”

CNN points out that the significance of this collaboration is that the Kouachi brothers “were acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (AQAP)—which “allegedly financed the Kouachi brothers”—while Coulibaly was acting for ISIS.

Coulibaly allegedly filmed part of his attack and tried to upload the video—in part or in whole—before being killed.

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