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French Islamic Group Accused of Plotting Attacks on Jewish Stores

Fourteen members of a banned Islamic group called Forsane Alizza (“Knights of Pride”) are on trial in Paris for planning a wave of attacks against Jewish-owned stores, similar to the hostage standoff and killings that took place at the Hyper Cacher grocery store after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January.


Blue State Blues: Shooting Hitler Targets with Some Hard-Core Jews

I lifted the .45 semi-automatic, charged it, and aimed at the base of his throat. I squeezed the trigger, and put a bullet through my mark as the Springfield XD kicked sharply.My next shot was left of center, above the right lung, as I struggled to recover my aim. My next shots, though, were right where I wanted them: above the hands, through the heart, between the eyes. At the signal, we retrieved our targets, perforated Hitler caricatures with the words “Never Again” in Gothic script.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)