ISIS Video Recruits Deaf-Mute Jihadis Using Sign Language

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via ISIS recruitment video

NBC News reports the latest ISIS recruitment video features “two deaf and mute fighters communicating in sign language in what analysts said was an attempt to demonstrate ‘normal’ life for everyone under the brutal terrorist group’s domination.”

The video’s odd title, “From Who Excused To Those Not Excused,” is evidently meant to convey that everyone gets a job in the Islamic State, including those with disabilities. The subtitles boast of how “we, the deaf and mute, direct our message to the Islamic world.”

In sign language, the deaf-mute brothers featured in the video encourage all Muslims to join the Islamic State, which they claim is “expanding.” They are shown directing traffic while wearing military garb and carrying rifles, projecting the appearance of comfortable cosmopolitan life inside ISIS territory. They claim “Muslim women and children” were “living in security in Mosul” until the “criminal” Kurdish Peshmerga began attacking them. Later in the video, they are depicted firing rockets at Kurdish positions and looking enormously pleased with themselves.

It’s not clear exactly where or when the video was filmed or if there were actually Kurds on the receiving end of the brothers’s little rocket barrage.