Islamic State Terrorist Mocked For Dressing Like A Kebab

Donner Kebab Fighter

If beating the Islamic State with military might is proving hard in the far-flung deserts of Iraq, maybe we should be trying ridicule instead. Witness the jihadi whose combat camos makes him look like a kebab – according to his comrades.

Terrorist Abu Wahib’s kit, which is a collection of brown blocks, makes him look like a chicken donner, whilst the spicy treat when it’s being cooked on a skewer. Despite his fearsome reputation his culinary appearance has led to him be widely mocked on social media.

There is no evidence of desperate locals taking a bite yet, despite reported food shortages. But that might be because the lack of running water makes some fighters a bit stinky. This smell would not make him unlike the average British City Centre kebab, but in the Islamic State alcohol is illegal so no one is drunk enough to have a go.

The picture was originally Raqqa is Being Slaughtered, the anti-ISIS activist group based in the terrorist organisation’s de facto capital.