‘Islamic State in America’ Message Prompts Celebrations, Threats on Jihadi Twitter


The ‘Islamic State in America’ leadership posted a threat on an anonymous social media message board, claiming the terrorist group has jihadists stationed in 15 states. They also issued threats against Pamela Geller, who hosted a Draw Muhammad contest. ISIS supporters and members on social media used this opportunity to laugh at America and send more threats.

Translation: No one knew the presence or identity of the Texas attackers until after the attack #secret


Translation: US newspapers report of ISIS cells in 15 states. God is great!


Translation: Warning of sleeper cells in 15 states, whose people live in fear. So go ahead and unite to support your brother.


Translation: Allah is the greatest! We begin operations in their own homes in America and the last crusade operation is not only the beginning.


Translation: (a response to previous tweet) We will see operations and truck bombs, God willing.


Translation: Huge cash prizes reward for information on the leaders of the State. My Lord, this validates our approach and we are on the right path.


Translation: America offers $20 million for these men. These are our soldiers. YOUR soldiers. #urgent


Translation: America allocated $20 million just for information. This shows their failure to penetrate the Islamic State.



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