Radical Kansas City Mosque to Host Funeral for Garland Shooter Nadir Soofi

Facebook/Nadir Soofi

A Kansas City mosque that once petitioned the White House to ban criticism of Islam will host the funeral of deceased terrorist Nadir Soofi, who was one of the two jihadis who attempted an attack on a “Draw Muhammad” free-speech event in Garland, Texas on Sunday.

Soofi, along with accomplice Elton Simpson, attempted to storm the event armed with an AK47 assault rifle. The terrorists were shot dead by a Garland police officer before they could enter the building.

The funeral for Soofi will be held at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City (ISGKC), according to a video report from Kansas City’s KCTV News.

Patrick Poole of PJ Media notes that the ISGKC once petitioned President Barack Obama to sponsor legislation criminalizing insults to Islam, which may indicate that the mosque’s leadership is sympathetic to the actions taken by Soofi.

“Insulting somebody else or putting somebody down can insight violence and lead to people losing their lives. We’re trying not to give these people a chance to misbehave,” said an ISGKC leader at the time in promoting the legislation, Poole reports.

A former Imam of the mosque, Adnan Bayazid, was a 9/11 truther who promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories relating to the attacks, the Investigative Project On Terrorism documented.

“He believed that the 9/11 hijackers had been framed by the U.S. and Israel,” a professor noted of a 2002 guest lecture given by Bayazid.

The former ISGKC Imam was also listed as Director of Fundraising for a suspected Muslim Brotherhood front group, anti-Jihad activist Dr. Zuhdi Jasser reported in 2014.


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