Muslim Comic Obeidallah: Radical Islam ‘Made Up’


Forget about the hundreds-of-thousands that are being slaughtered in the Middle East under the banner of Islam, radical Islam is a “made-up idea,” according to Dean Obeidallah, the Daily Beast’s resident comedian/writer.

It did not appear that Obeidallah was playing comedian when he delivered those remarks on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

In commenting on a Saturday Night Live skit about the dangers of drawing Muhammad, Obeidallah utilized the opportunity not to condemn the actions of Muslim radicals, who on May 4 attempted to commit mass murder at a “Draw Muhammad” art exhibition, but instead to declare Pamela Geller as a “well-paid, well compensated, anti-Muslim bigot.”

On Monday night, he doubled-down on the comment, writing on Twitter, “Tonight right wing media outlets shocked I said on CNN there’s no such thing as Radical Islam- been saying it for months.”

This week, the Daily Beast writer has penned three articles– including one that was published just hours after Sunday’s jihadist terror attack in Garland, Texas– bashing Pamela Geller and her “Draw Muhammad” free-speech event that came under fire by Muslim radicals.

This is not the first time that Obeidallah displayed insensitive behavior hours after a bloody terror attack. On the day that the Islamic State beheaded 21 Christians in Libya, he wrote a piece titled, “Yes, There Are Christian Terrorists.”

Geller was not standing up for the right to free speech (as she has explicitly stated), but instead, used the opportunity to rip Muslims, Obeidallah alleged. He described Pamela Geller as person who “really, really hates Muslims,” and variations of the aforementioned description have appeared in his columns obsessively over the past week.

But Geller’s resume shows an individual who has gone out of her way to help the Muslim victims of radical families. She has personally intervened to find safe houses for Muslim girls that are in constant fear of being honor killed by their families.

Obeidallah has started a new initiative: the “Draw Your Favorite Islamophobe” contest. The event, which has been described as a response to the “Draw Muhammad” event, seemingly mocks those who stood up for free speech in Garland.


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