Connecticut Teen Found in Morocco Meeting Her Facebook Boyfriend

Associated Press
Associated Press

A 17-year-old Connecticut girl has been found safe in Morocco after jetting off to the country to meet her Facebook boyfriend, police announced Friday. 

17-year-old Rebecca Arthur has “been found safe in a seaside community there and authorities are arranging to bring her back home, police say,” NBC News reports.

Arthur was found some 220 miles south of Casablanca and had successfully linked up with her Facebook boyfriend and his family, authorities stated.

Arthur had tricked her mother into believing that she was going to California on Monday via Delta Airlines to visit a friend. She instead took a flight to Casablanca, which arrived Tuesday, raising fears from both police and her family.

“The daughter had no intent of going to California,” a local police spokesman told the media, explaining that Clinton, Connecticut, police had “reason to believe” the boyfriend paid for her $1,000 plane ticket to come to the North African country.

Police said that the Facebook couple had known each other for a year but had never met in person. 

Authorities said that the FBI, DHS, and the U.S. consulate in Morocco teamed up with local police to track her down.