Obama Admits Lifting Sanctions Against Iran Will Help Regime Fund Terror

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Olivier Douliery/Pool/Getty Images

President Barack Obama admitted Friday that the Iran deal, which allows Tehran to access an estimated $100-150 billion dollars in frozen assets, would let the theocratic regime better finance terrorist organizations.

In attempting to defend the Iran deal, Obama told the BBC Friday that terror groups already have access to advanced weaponry, and that the nuclear accord would not change that dynamic too much. “Hezbollah for example, threatening to fire missiles at Israel, has no shortage of resources,” he said. “We have seen that even in times of distress, Iran is able to allocate resources in what it sees as its strategic priority.”

The President said that a “military option” is still available.

“Iran has proven that it is willing to change its priorities and its strategy,” Mr. Obama added. “We have sent a clear message to the Iranians – though we closed the deal, we still have not closed account. I hope that solutions will be reached diplomatically, but if necessary, there is also a military option.”

Iran has admitted that the regime funds and arms terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthi insurgency in Yemen.

Separately, rumors surfaced Friday in Arabic media that the administration is considering removing a prominent Iran-backed Shiite militia from the U.S. list of recognized terrorist groups.

Recent remarks by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter during a visit to Baghdad on Thursday added fuel to the rumors spreading on the coming possibility of a U.S. de facto alliance with the Shiite militias.

On Thursday, Carter refused to address a question from a serviceman about how the nuclear deal will change the United States’ relationship with the Shiite militias.Iran


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