Iran Foreign Minister Calls for Israel, World Powers to Give Up Nuclear Weapons


Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, called on Friday for world powers to unilaterally dismantle their nuclear weapons, while specifically demanding that Israel also follow suit.

The holocaust-revisionist and chief Iranian diplomat wrote in The Guardian Friday that “Now it is high time that we expand” a nuclear free zone “to encompass the entire Middle East.” Israel is the only country suspected of having nuclear weapons in the Middle East proper, although Jerusalem officials neither confirm or deny the reports.

Zarif said that the denuclearization process could build on the “foundation” reached in the nuclear accord between world powers and Iran.

Although Iran continues to enrich uranium that far exceeds its use for medical purposes, Zarif and Tehran officials insist that their nuclear program is peaceful, citing a never-seen fatwa supposedly declared by Iranian dictator Ali Khamenei.

“Iran, in its national capacity and as current chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, is prepared to work with the international community to achieve” a nuclear-free region, Zarif said, adding, “It will probably run into many hurdles raised by the sceptics of peace and diplomacy. But we must endeavour to convince and persist, as we did in Vienna.”

Zarif added:

One of the many ironies of history is that non-nuclear-weapon states, like Iran, have actually done far more for the cause of non-proliferation in practice than nuclear-weapon states have done on paper. Iran and other nuclear have-nots have genuinely “walked the walk” in seeking to consolidate the non-proliferation regime. Meanwhile, states actually possessing these destructive weapons have hardly even “talked the talk”, while completely brushing off their disarmament obligations under the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and customary international law.

That is to say nothing of countries outside the NPT, or Israel, with an undeclared nuclear arsenal and a declared disdain towards non-proliferation, notwithstanding its absurd and alarmist campaign against the Iranian nuclear deal.

It remains unclear if Israeli officials will absorb Zarif’s plea for denuclearization, given that the regime the Tehran minister represents showcases high-ranking officials, on a regular-basis, calling for the annihilation of the Jewish State.

On a related note, Iran announced plans on Thursday to build two new nuclear facilities in the country’s southeast, which regime officials say will be used to generate electricity and help power other infrastructure, which might include uranium enrichment facilities.


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