Hackers Claim Revenge Attack On National Crime Agency Website


A hacking group claims to have attacked the National Crime Agency (NCA) in revenge for the arrest of several people for internet attacks.

As part of Operation Vivarium, the NCA detained six people on 28 August for allegedly purchasing a hacking tool that allows users to temporarily crash websites.

And hackgroup Lizard Squad appeared to claim they were behind the shut down of the National Crime Agency site today after they tweeted: ‘Stressed out?’ followed by a link to the NCA site and the hashtag ‘#offline’.

Those arrested by the NCA were accused of buying code from Lizard Squad, which claims it was responsible for attacks on Sony and Microsoft last year.

Lizard Squat tweeted on 28 August that ‘due to the recent raids, we’re going to start operations back up again.’

The NCA, which has been dubbed Britain’s FBI, said in a statement its site is an “attractive target” and “attacks on it are a fact of life”.

They added the hack was not a security breach and has not affected its “operational capability” and such attacks are a “temporary inconvenience to users of our website”.

“We have a duty to balance the value of keeping our website accessible with the cost of doing so, especially in the face of a threat which can scale up endlessly.”

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